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Mechatronics – Our Future Today!???

Mechatronics is centred on mechanics, electronics and computing which, combined, make possible the generation of simpler, more economical, reliable and versatile systems. The portmanteau "mechatronics" was first coined by Mr. Tetsuro Mori, a senior engineer of the Japanese company Yaskawa, … Continue reading

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England’s Finest Soldier!???

John Churchill Marlborough – 1st Duke of (1650 – 1722) Overly ambitious, self-serving, and sometimes arrogant, Marlborough was nevertheless one of the two or three finest soldiers England ever produced. He was a careful and very effective administrator, and an … Continue reading

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Obscure Words!

moonraker (plural moon·rak·ers) noun  Definition:   small sail on square-rigged ship: a small sail sometimes set above the skysail on a square-rigged ship [Early 19th century. Probably < its great height]

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My New Niece

Presenting Elizabeth Danielle Rettmann (Etemad)   My niece "Elizabeth Danielle" was born on July 26, 2006 exactly 36 years – to the day – after me. Ironically it is also my uncle’s birthday.

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Germany’s Greatest Historian!???

  Theodor Mommsen German historian Theodor Mommsen won the 1902 Nobel Prize in literature. Mommsen’s Roman History is considered one of the best historical pieces ever written.

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unfathomable 2. impossible to understand: impossible to understand because of being very mysterious or complicated

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Power Plant

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