con·tem·plate [ kóntəm plàyt ] (past and past participle con·tem·plat·ed, present participle con·tem·plat·ing, 3rd person present singular con·tem·plates)


1. transitive verb have something as possible intention: to think about something as a possible course of action
contemplating a move to a new location

2. transitive verb consider something: to think about something seriously and at length, especially in order to understand it more fully
I sat there, contemplating what she’d said.

3. intransitive verb think about spiritual matters: to think calmly and at length, especially as a religious or spiritual exercise

4. transitive verb look at something thoughtfully: to look at something thoughtfully and steadily
tourists contemplating the restored frescoes

[Late 16th century. < Latin contemplat-, past participle of contemplari "observe carefully" < templum "space for observing omens"]

con·tem·pla·tion [ kòntəm pláysh’n ]n
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